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Minggu, 02 September 2012

Tips to Overcome Insomnia

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             Tasks are piling up, the work has not been completed, plus the stress often take over the allotted sleep. Initially casual, sleep cycles are still regular. However, due to the influence of all the busyness, perebedaan begins. No matter how hard you try to sleep, eyes still not closed. As a result you can not sleep, health becomes impaired and all activities to be fucked. You should be aware in case you suffer from insomnia.

              Insomnia is a disorder that occurs in the form of the sleep cycle difficulty sleeping despite having many opportunities. This disease often affects people with irregular sleep cycles, and people who are suffering from stress, coupled with unhealthy activities such as frequently stay up late, using drugs, and often consume caffeine. So, what are the signs?
              Insomnia Here are the signs of insomnia symptoms that you should know

- Feeling difficulty to sleep more than 1 month
- Often feel tired during the day, causing disruption of other activities
- Not feeling well when sleeping
- Frequent waking and difficulty getting back to sleep

              Overcoming insomnia can be said to be easy bother. Indeed, there are many advertisements on television to discuss drug makers better sleep, but if you will continue to rely on the drug? For those of you who do not want mengomsumsi drugs, you can try the following tips

1. Make a regular sleep schedule

              This first step is important. You should try to make a regular sleep schedule so that the rhythm of the body on a sleep schedule can be formed.

2. Listen to musical instruments

             Music can be an effective means to create a feeling of being comfortable. Select the type of musical instrument that does not put the lyrics, so that your brain can relax without the hassle of following all the lyrics are there. Do not until you actually play the rock songs that would disrupt your sleep cycle again.
             Put vcd player or other electronic devices in the room, turn the volume being as you want, but not too hard. Avoid using earphones or a headset to your ear health is maintained.

3. Changing rooms a cozy atmosphere

             If you are a typical person who can not sleep with the condition of the rooms a mess, then you should take the time to re-arrange your room to get a comfortable sleep. You can also take advantage of the landscape images to give the impression of comfortable.

4. A warm bath before bed

              Warm water can make your body feel sleepy and relaxed. You can also add specific aromatherapy like lavender water. Several studies have shown that the aroma of this kind can increase a sense of comfort. In addition, you can put in your room aroma therapy.
5. Doing exercise regularly

    You can do this exercise 3-4 hours before bed so you can feel comfortable when sleeping.

6. Turning off the TV and computer at least an hour before bed

    This can reduce the feeling of stress than when faced with a computer or television.

7. Doing yoga or meditation

    Techniques like this can help normalize sleep cycles. In addition, you can also get peace.

8. No drinking and eating after 8 pm that night's sleep becomes more effective.

9. Visiting a doctor for further consultation

    You can do this last step if you have tried all the above tips.

Hopefully useful.

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