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Sabtu, 01 September 2012


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             Thighs, wauw when we hear this word, I think, how so. But do not be so negative first. We know that the thigh, one part of our body which has an important role in our lives, the human femur is located in the area between the hip and knee. Anatomically, the thigh is the body part called the lower extremities, because of its function as a buffer bone in the human body motion system. There is a single thigh bone called the femur. This bone is very dense and strong (due to the high proportion of cortical bone or substance in it), which forms a ball and socket joint in the hip, and a condylar joint is the knee. The substance of the femur there are some parts of them:

1. Fascial compartment
2. Blood vessel
3. The weak point of the thigh
4. Muscle and fascia of the thigh
5. Additional references bones or bone

               Importance in maintaining the health of our bones motion, no motion system, the body can not function properly. Similarly, a woman always want to look more beautiful and attractive will a certain body part that is often a woman's attention. Provided in maintaining and caring for the part, not doing things that are beyond the limits and capabilities as human beings.
              Thigh fat is one of the main problems facing people in relation to their physical, especially for women. Naturally, our bodies tend to store body fat in the body parts of interest, such as the triceps, buttocks, back, and of course, the thigh. Here are some tips that you can follow to reduce the problems and improve the quality of your thigh so it's ready to wear beach attire during the summer or holidays.

Tips to lose thigh fat-1

              Nothing is more important than reducing the fat on the body. You need to do a weight loss program that includes a healthy weight training, fitness exercise, and diet is well planned to reduce your overall body fat. Make sure you measure your body fat at the moment and also the thickness of your thighs. Then, determine appropriate goals and objectives to reduce by 1 pound of body fat every week. By reducing your body fat to the range of 20% to 27% body fat, your thighs will look smaller because your overall body fat is reduced.

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               In fact, during fitness training, your body burns fat in large quantities. Remember, you need to exercise to lose weight the healthy. Do not try to starve yourself, as this will only make you fail. Stepper (a type of fitness equipment or fitness equipment) is the right choice to lose thigh fat. Stepper brings together most of the muscles in the buttocks and as glute (buttock muscles that move on the part of the thigh) are the largest muscle group in the body, the activities of dancing can burn the most calories when compared to other fitness equipment.
              Elliptical trainer (a type of fitness equipment) is also another good option, but the problem is you have to use it in the reverse direction. Most of the machines elliptis allows movement forward and backward, and by moving backward, you put the hamstring muscles are the muscles on the back of your thighs and also present in one of the front of the thigh that is the quadriceps. Hamstring and buttocks are the most problematic body parts to women and fat thighs tend to be stored in the body.

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            During running exercise facility, especially for the beginner, try not to over-exert yourself in the first few months. Try to keep your heart rate in the range of 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. Why? This is because if you are just starting a workout with high intensity levels, your body will tend to use sugar and protein as an energy source other than the fat comes from fat cells. And when you feel more fit, after about 3 months for regular exercise, muster all your energy and workout with high intensity levels. Your body will be conditioned after that and will take advantage of the fat comes from fat cells.

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             Do not ever avoid to do weight training if you want to have a healthy and sculpted thighs well. Thinner body has the largest collection of muscle mass and when the muscles is increased, then it will cause a huge increase in metabolic benefits.
              With weight training and increase muscle in the thighs, you are able to burn more calories while running and more powerful to run faster and farther. In this way, you can burn calories in a very large number compared with those who did not train legs. Not to mention the extra calories burned during rest due to an increase in the metabolic rate at rest.

Tips to lose thigh fat-5

              When weight training program, make sure you involve all the muscles in the thigh muscles to avoid injury due to muscle imbalances. Overall strengthening program on the thighs will also greatly shape your legs to look slimmer! For quads, doing squats with a barbell, and leg press. Complete with a leg extension. For the hamstring muscles, the muscles in the back of your thighs, do hamstring curls on the seated leg curl device, point your toes down, this way, you engage the hamstring muscles to the fullest!
           To the outside of the thigh, complete with a seated hamstring abduction abductor. Do not, again, do not exert effort in doing this the sport. For the inner thigh, form the inner thigh with a seated adductor or do squats by holding dumbbells with both hands in the middle and point the foot at 45 degrees to the outside.
           To be able to wear high heels, do calf raise. Stand at the end of a runway or any kind of high, like a ladder, and do tip toe, which stretch the calf and did everything perfectly for a good stretch. Perform 20 to 25 repetitions with this exercise. Except for calves, do three sets of each repetition and complete more than 12 repetitions as much, but no more than 20 repetitions. If you do more than 20 repetitions, will cause weight gain because it is not useful anymore. Do not be afraid of being fat, for women, you can not make your body fat due to lack of testosterone naturally, but for men, it was required only to 20 repetitions.

Tips to lose body fat-6

              All sports and fitness exercises you do will not give results if you do not do the diet to reduce calorie deficit. You need to burn 3,500 calories to get rid of 1 pound of body fat. Live a well-planned diet so well that you do not need to refrain from food and still undergoing weight loss programs. Only one diet which I strongly recommend, that South Beach Diet. They also have online help, which I think is very important and effective way to help you achieve your desired fitness goals.

Tips to lose thigh fat-7

               Try taking weight loss supplements such as fat burners and natural weight loss supplements to help you lose fat on the thighs. Supplements are proven to help you speed up fat loss. Supplements will help you to increase metabolic rate and decrease calorie intake that makes you fat loss efforts do seem easier.

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             Try using a cream like gel transdermal fat loss. Lowering fat cream can help you burn more fat in the thighs with help free the fat under the skin and burn it. The biggest mistake made by people is that they tend to use them excessively once try. Excessive fat liberation is not able to be applied to the use of only once so the fat will accumulate again. Use small amounts to be smeared with a small field.

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              Stretch as often as possible! The greater the range of motion of your muscles, the higher the level of training that you apply to the muscle!

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            Rest assured! Exercise and never give up. Once you give up and lose the opportunity to exercise, you lost the war! Come back with these tips more and keep motivating yourself by joining with people who are highly motivated and encourage you to move forward, not backward!

Thus, 10 great tips to help you shrink your thighs.

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