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Minggu, 02 September 2012

GPS Tomtom Via 620

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Product details :
  1. Screen size: 6.0 inches
  2. Type screen: 16:9 touch-sensitive
  3. Screen resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  4. Battery power: 2 hours
  5. Dimensions: 165 X 105 X 24 mm

          You need a GPS with a large size but still practical? GPS Tomtom Via 620 may be an alternative for those who do not like the look GPS with small size.
          Tomtom Via 620 has a 6-inch wide screen and large buttons to make it easier to operate. The big screen will make a lot of routes to be visible so that you can freely choose the fastest path you want. Display the route was made in such a way to resemble the original so you are not confused.
This product is a product with the biggest screen issued by Tomtom. You can put it on the dashboard or window. Easy, is not it? Nevertheless, the best quality you can still get out of this GPS, including :

  1. Sharp colors and large screen
  2. Instructions alternate path
  3. Instructions are clear, especially when the road is at a crossroads, so you will not forget where it has turned
  4. The pronunciation of each name of the street
  5. Estimated time with Tomtom IQ Routes
  6. The 'Help me!' To indicate your location
  7. Help when parking
  8. Easier access to places with high traffic intensity
  9. Detailed Map of Australia
           Other additional facilities that you can get map updates are free of charge with Tomtom Map Share warranty. There are more than 21 million cars in the world, so you have to know what changes are going on the road, such as the enforcement of the new speed limit and a list of blocked roads. GPS Tomtom Via 620 to make access easier your path. In addition, you can also install additional facilities such as safety cameras.
           Driving a car so it was easier for Tomtom Via 620 said the details you should take. Facilities parking application is presented will help you to find the closest parking spot at your destination.
          Frequent destination facility or a place with high traffic intensity allows you to save the route you take, then use it again on another day with just one touch. This product also features a USB car charger. Tomtom Via 620 sold at $ 249.99. Interested in buying?

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