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Minggu, 02 September 2012

GPS Mio Moov 300

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Data products :
  1. Item : GPS Mio Moov 300
  2. Display size : 4.3 inches
  3. Resolution : 480 x 272
  4. Weight : 6.4 ounces
  5. Internal memory : 1 GB
  6. Battery power : 2 hours

            Problem of congestion, road closures, traffic light, often making a lot of people can not stand. For some people, the problem can be lived to the ordinary, but for someone who has a pretty solid routine, the problem will interfere with work even affect their lives. Unlike motor vehicles agile melenggak sway the crowd was big transport, car certainly less agile.
             As a workaround, you can use the GPS so that the time you spend the more efficiently without the burden of traffic problems.
             Mio Moov 300 provides innovation in the form of 4.3-inch anti-glare screen that makes access to the GPS becomes easier. Spoken street name is also a flagship facility that keeps you up to concentrate on the road without fear. Facilities such as voice walks you with a slow, clear pronunciation, as well as high accuracy.
For those of you who already know the destination, but do not know how to achieve it, you can mengguakan software address-entry facility on the GPS screen. If you have to go to multiple places at once, you can also avail the facility of multi-stop trip planner. Mio Moov 300 allows the storage of more than 200 places you visit.
              The tool also features a security system in the form of alarms that tell you about the location of more than 11,000 red light and speed camera so that you can be aware. You will also get a warning in the form of images and sounds that remind priorities which path you can take before heading to the location, so that your concentration is maintained.
              Instant Fix GPS saves you time and allow you to connect with satellite five times faster than regular GPS. You do not need to worry because this update will occur automatically every 3 days.
GPS can be an option for those who want to travel to anywhere in safety and comfort. Amenities are pretty much priced the price was comparable to the ease with which you will get.

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