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Kamis, 13 September 2012


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Background good marriage, may be based on religious teachings. Individually, all men crave a good marriage and eternal life is one way. All efforts and resources in the fulfillment and realization of the marriage should be based on merit and usefulness, one through religion, as one of the heavenly wedding background.

Marriage in Islam is a mutually binding contract or agreement between two individuals of different types of men and women, in order to justify the sexual relationship between the two individuals. Which of these legal relationships and willingness to voluntarily applied between two individuals who want to make marriage a happy family life was filled with feelings of compassion and peace in ways that are regulated by religion. In Islam, marriage background look and make the marriage as the basis of a good society and organized, because marriage is not just a bonding strap outwardly, but inwardly as well as bonds.

In the background of Islamic marriage, teaches that marriage is not just a common agreement as a purchase agreement or lease of goods or services, and so on, it is a sacred covenant in which both individuals would be connected to each requesting spouse or life partner like himself to be contained in QS An Nisa verse 1. And in the hadith Muhammad: 'Fear God shall affairs of women, actually you take them with you halalkan trust of Allah and those with sentences of God'. (Reported by Muslim)

Background marriage in Islam is based on the implementation of the Qur'an Surat an-Nur Scripture verse 32 it is stated: 'And kawinkanlah people alone among you, and those worthy (mate) of the servants sahayamu the men and the women . If they are poor, Allah will enrich them of His bounty. And Allah is All-Area (giving him), the Knower '. Background weddings we can also ketemukan The Prophet in the hadith that: '... and I will also also married, then who hate the Sunnah means not including my people'. (HR Agreed alaih)

Purposes and blessings of marriage in islam

Background marriage in Islam is emphasized, especially in the case of a destination wedding, where in Islam, marriage is intended to meet the demands of human nature is good intent and true relationship between men and women in a marriage to a family a peaceful, loving , and full of grace or a blessing, so that the marriage can bear offspring or a good seed and the quality towards the realization of the household happy. It's beautiful if individual Muslims want to apply the background as implied above marriage. As word of Allah in Surah Ar Rum verse 21, it is stated: 'and among the signs of Allah, that Allah has made you in pairs (paired-mate), so that you can feel the peace, bound compassion and love. Verily it is a sign of proof for people to think '.

Lessons with the background of Islamic marriages for Muslims in particular and mankind in general, such as:

  • Where perform marriages is a form of worship for Muslims
  • With the background of Islamic marriage gives to preserving human noble wisdom of doing immoral or acts that deviate from religious norms
  • With the background of Islamic marriage gives wisdom, the formation of a household can be a happy, peaceful, and with a sense of eternal love between husband and wife
  • With the background of Islamic marriage gives wisdom, can obtain a legitimate lineage, clear, and clean demin survival in the family and society
  • With the background of Islamic marriage gives wisdom, can the implementation association between individuals or groups live regularly, honorable and lawful, in accordance with the position of man as a creature of God being honored among other

In the background of Islamic marriage, also teaches that a marriage can be performed a wedding banquet, also as a form of social life and bersosial among others. In the background of Islamic marriage, the wedding banquet was held after the ceremony, with and in any case at least for the wedding banquet is still being done because it is a suggestion in the background of Islamic marriage. The benefits are also very much be obtained, which can be felt by the family, because the neighbors and relatives come together and pray for the bride to know anyway legally according to legal relationships between family and religion. At least Muhammad SAW would also recommend this in the background of Islamic marriages, 'held a wedding banquet walimah or even by slaughtering a goat'. (Reported by Al-Bukhari).

Basic household formation in the background happy Muslim marriage

Marriage is gone untold beauty, overflowing feelings will not be covered by earthly senses can only be felt by the heart is good and right. Basic background of domesticity in Islamic marriage are:
  • The religious similarities between prospective husband and wife to bring honor to the family, which will ditapaki shared by both the prospective bride and groom in the community as well
  • In the background of Islamic marriage shall create a balance or harmony between the future husband or future wife
  • In the background of the wedding would be able to hold the ability of future husband and future wife in the preparation, execution, and application of intention to marry in real life.

It is based on the hadith of Muhammad SAW: "O young men, whoever among you have been able to bear the burden of the family, let him get married, it would be able to lower his gaze and be more able to maintain honor. Those who are able, let fasting. Surely it would be fasting fortress guard (of fornication) ', (HR Bukhari and Muslim).

In the background of Islamic marriage, household nahagia a qualified household, in its implementation in order to get the blessing of God Almighty, it is necessary to know basic life and marriage performed by actors, must be fulfilled:

  • In the background of Islamic marriage is expected to realize an appropriate atmosphere of religious rules, such as: get to read, write and understand the Quran it routinely; cultivate prayer in the family; perform daily worship in the family, for example, get to read basmalah when to start each job and hamdalah say when seselai from a job, get used to saying hello every opportunity to fellow Muslims
  • In the background of Islamic marriage education is to be achieved in a family like that promoted by al-Hakim Luqman to his son (Surah Luqman: 12 - 19) include: education in the oneness of God (tawhid), will science education and knowledge, character education, life skills education , education about the independence of living.
  • In the background is expected to realize an Islamic marriage family health with respect to the following: cleaning the house and the environment; family exercise routine; hygiene, health, nutrition and family
  • In the background of Islamic marriages are expected to realize a healthy family economics, among others: seek untu get the lawful and good; controlling the family finances, saving, and not miserly; habit of saving; memnfaatkan perkarangan house as a home industry to support the family economy
  • In the background of Islamic marriages are expected to realize a harmonious family relationships, balanced by among others: to foster courtesy, ethics and morals in accordance with the position of each family member in the family; creating an atmosphere of intimacy between family members, such as the times after prayers , meal times and recreation time together, creating an atmosphere of openness, mutual respect, mutual respect, mutual mistake forgive each other among family members; implement life neighbors, friends, and community, according to the teachings of Islam.

That is some background islamic marriage, which can be taken and lessons learned expediency, the ship sailed home sakinah, mawaddah, warohmah.

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