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Jumat, 10 Agustus 2012

Tips Whiten Clothes Dull

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                 White clothes would give a distinct impression when worn. Moreover, if the colors remain bright white and unsightly. Instead, you will surely feel less confident if the white colored clothes changed color to yellow because it is stored too long, too frequent washing, or even because it is too often used. Dull and shabby impression would seem to affect the appearance.
                 For people who often judge other people's personality based on how to dress, of a dull issue will impact on their judgment. To avoid a bad impression, you also need to pay attention to this. Actually maintain a bright white color on the clothes is not hard to do. Here are some tips you can try:

1. Using household bleach

                  Nothing wrong with using bleach clothes that we can easily find in shops or supermarkets. How to use it is not difficult. First, separate the white clothes with other clothes berwarnya. Make sure that you do not pour bleach on colored clothes because it can cause damage to the color of the clothes. It should be noted also how to wash clothes on the label. Do not until you either do the washing technique.
                  If using a washing machine, warm water can be an alternative to facilitate the washing process. First, pour 175 ml of bleach into the washing machine was filled with water first. Bleach should be poured into warm water after the detergent is added. Next, enter a white dress, then do a normal wash.
                  If you do the washing by hand, the process is done almost the same. After the separation of the color of clothing, you should use a detergent used to wash first so the stain and dirt left on the fabric may be lost. Next, soak the white clothes in a bucket of bleach that had been given. After soaking about 15 minutes, then slowly drying kucek. It's good when you do this process, you are wearing rubber gloves because there are some that have a whitening effect of heat on your hands after use.
                  There are several things to note in using household bleach. Bleach can not be used for fabrics made from wool, silk, or leather. You also should not pour bleach directly on fabric. First bleach should be poured into the water.
But sometimes there are some household bleach that has less pleasant smell, unlike detergents, so there is rarely much to avoid the use of household bleach because of the smell.

2. Using natural lemon

                    To avoid the use of bleach made from chemicals, wash with natural ingredients can be an option. Often we encounter a special detergent, white clothes it contains natural ingredients, that is a lemon.
You can also directly uses the lemon juice to whiten clothes. You do this by inserting a few slices of lemon in hot water, then enter the clothing. Soak for about two hours to get maximum results. After that, you can wash normally.

3. Using vinegar to eat

                  Besides being used as a cooking ingredient, vinegar actually has the ability to whiten clothes. To wash using vinegar, do not forget to use gloves.
                  First, fill two buckets with water. Poured the first bucket of vinegar, while others used a bucket to rinse. Enter the clothes worn in the first bucket and stir. Let stand for about 20 minutes for the vinegar to soak into fabric fibers. The water will help open the clothing fibers, making it easier to absorb the vinegar. Next, remove clothing and immerse in a bucket that does not contain vinegar.
                 Dull white clothing that is inserted into the vinegar water mixture with detergent will make the color of clothing worn on a shining again. In addition, the clothing will also feel softer.

Now you do not have to worry anymore with the white dress that looks dull. May be useful.

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