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Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Tips to Save Money Pocket

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                  Each person has their own problems in terms of financial management, including students who are difficult to apply sparingly. Problem of limited pocket money sometimes makes students whose finances are still a mediocre because it depends on the parents should be a good gift to rack my brain for all the wants and needs can be met.

                 Surely it is not easy since there are many immediate needs that can not be guessed. In addition, the problem arises because there are several types of parents who give pocket money in a different time period, there is an allowance monthly, weekly, even daily so students have to be good to set spending to conform with the parents. Unfortunately, the needs of students are often not comparable to that obtained for pocket money mismanagement.
To avoid the possibility of spending money before time runs out, here are tips to make it easier for students to manage their allowance,

1. Always write down all the long and short term needs

                   Daily needs of each person is different. For that, it would not hurt if we keep track of all the things required of each of the notes in a book that is easy to carry around.
                   Short-term needs are valid for one day, while the long-term needs are valid for one week or one month. After making a list of items needed along with estimates of money needed for immediate needs, then we write down the priority needs that must be met first. It would be better if those needs, each equipped with a price that can be used to estimate expenditures.
                    The thing to note is do not let one plan and make it the least important need. Mistake to put the priority needs can create chaos in the management. Try to prioritize the items are goods that are urgently needed and can not be replaced by other items. Thus, the desire to have an item for sheer pleasure to be removed.

2. Prepare a variety of envelopes with a label bearing the required needs

                  Envelope with a label bearing needs to be purchased to create a sense of discipline in the management of money increases. The envelope must be filled in an amount of money by the same amount as the price of the desired item.
                  Many envelopes that began showing financial management plan. We would be reluctant to put money in an envelope that has been attached a label.
If we keep breaking, of course, money that should be used for such needs to be chaotic and affect the other envelope.

3. Save money in the wallet as needed

                  Money in the wallet with the excess amount will only make us even more tempting if you see any interesting stuff. Another case when some of the money we save at home or saved in the bank, the desire to get the goods were actually less necessary can be reduced.

Hopefully with a few tips in mind, we also can learn to live frugally.

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