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Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Tips to Prevent and deal with the faded color of clothing

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                   See brightly colored clothing in the shop windows lined up sometimes makes the desire to have it appear. In fact we do not hesitate to spend to get their deep clothes. However, after washing, the color of the clothes turned out to fade. Disappointment will surely emerge. Not only because we have to spend big to buy, but also because it was already like that outfit. Dilution case the color of clothing can also occur even in the clothes that have been used many times.

                   Why is the color of our clothing can be washed out? Clothing color fading due to several factors. Among these types of dyes used in clothing, the length of time drying in the sun, and temperature of water used for washing. With warm water temperatures are considered to have greater ability to lift color than cold water, so it is advisable to use cold water when washing.
Relax, there are a few tips worth it for those who have experienced this kind of case that does not happen again:

1. Note the clothing care label means

                  Before hastily deciding to wash, we can first check the small label on the clothes that shows you how to care. This will allow us to better know what type of action should we do on clothes.
                   Read the washing instructions on the label, do you have to wash in cold water, or just the opposite. In addition, notice the color description. We will also discover how to ironing and dry with a certain temperature to maintain the quality of the fabric to prevent rapid deterioration.
                    Usually written about this clothing care stamped on the inside of the collar or the inside of clothing. Do not get us wrong clothing treatment only for failing to read the label.

2. Separate your clothes by color

                    Colored clothes should be separated with white clothes. This is a precautionary measure we can do for color fastness in clothing is not 'infectious' to other clothing. Unfortunately not if only because of the clothes, the other part so affected?
                    Once the clothes are separated, the next step is to make the inside of the clothes are out to keep the main part of clothing is not quickly broken. How this is done until the drying process for drying is carried out of the sun tends to make the color of clothes fade quickly.
                     In addition to separating the clothes by color, separations are carried out based on the level of gross fabric also needs to be done, especially when using the washing machine. It is feared that if the garments that require extra cleaning even be washed by hand washing will make the process ineffective.

3. Wash clothes in cold water using a hand

                    Try to always wash colored clothes in cold water using a hand washing clothes, especially when newly purchased. By hand, the fast and slow movements of hands brushing the level of violence during the washing process can be set, so when we know the signs of erosion of clothes, we can immediately separate them.
                     Wash by hand can also be applied to types of clothing to the level of impurities is not so high. Certainly compared to using a washing machine, washing by hand would be more efficient. No need to fear the hand will be rough and so on, because the market has provided a wide range of detergents that we can choose as needed.

4. Be careful to use household bleach

                      Sometimes we rush to pour bleach on a pile of clothes that have been put in a bucket just because he saw the white top of the pile. Of course this can result in a color other than white clothing will lose its original color, or even create the impression is not good as they are used bleach which can not be eliminated.
To overcome this, we should set up two special baskets to put clothes clothing colored or white clothing in anticipation of mixing.

5. Make a solution of lightening the color of vinegar

                       Sometimes we do not know what kind of clothes that have been purchased because there is no written instructions. When you wish to wash, there is doubt whether the clothes we buy or do not easily fade. To anticipate the worst, we can make your own solution.
                        Solution with the main ingredient of vinegar can be made easily. How to prepare ½ cup vinegar, ½ cup salt, and a bucket of water. Enter both ingredients into a bucket of water and mix well. Enter the colorful clothes, dip slowly. Let stand for about 30 minutes. Rinse clothes in cold water and dry in the sun or use a washing machine dry low heat.

                         But keep in mind that this solution works effectively in the first washing the clothes that had not been washed. This mixture will work optimally with the help attach the color on the fabric fibers.

                          Why choose the vinegar as the main ingredient? Research shows that vinegar can stop the water and scrape the color of clothes detergent. Vinegar will dissolve when mixed with mineral water. Mundah for clothing that does not fade, vinegar will keep the color stability, while for clothing that is easy to wear off, the vinegar will make the color of the clothing is strongly attached. This is because a solution of vinegar is made by a fermentation process that resulted in two acid content contained within only 3 -7%. The content of this helps prevent the color of clothing that will fade.

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