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Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Tips Reduce Your Appetite

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                 For women, has a slim body like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez is a dream. Many who run the program to get their diet as their bodies.
                 Slim body is believed to further increase the confidence of women. However, behind the diet program that is run, it is not uncommon that a failure would occur due to errors in the regulation of eating due to excessive appetite. Though appetite due to side effects we can control hunger as long as you know how.

                  Here are some tips you can try to reduce your appetite:

1. Away from the selling of food and food pictures

                  Sometimes appetite can rise only by looking at some kind of food. For example, when you're walking in the mall, all of a sudden we saw a storefront that sells cakes with funny colors are seductive, we automatically stop. Appetite instantly became hooked up so that the desire to try the taste.
                  The storefront can be analogous to such a place that has a transparent eat much larger size. International Journal of Obesity in America conducted a study in women using transparent dining. The result, women who saw the dining transparent appetite has increased to 71%.
                  In addition, the rise of appetite is often caused by viewing pictures of food. The women's hobby of collecting recipes. Images of the food is sometimes very interesting that attracted us to eat similar foods.
But do not worry, it can be overcome. The trick is to imagine we're dealing with the food we want directly. When looking at the cake picture, close your eyes and imagine if the food is being presented in front of us and is our taste. Opening her eyes later, our appetite would diminish.

2. Divert attention from food to other activities

                   When the exam season arrives, many students are too focused on learning that I forget to eat even a loss of appetite. It happened because they were busy with other activities so that their hunger can be diverted.
Busied themselves this way as well as we can apply to reduce appetite. Not to learn, but by reading the book light reading, watching TV, or listening to music.

3. Choosing foods with a high level of satiety

                   Types of food can affect our appetite. By eating foods with a high level of satiety, hunger frequency will be reduced. Nuts and oranges are examples of foods that can make sense of fullness last longer. A University of California at Davis in eight respondents indicated that the hormone that makes sense of satiety can occur after eating beans. In addition, beans are also able to stabilize the glucose in the body. Let us not even eat the bread that actually make you hungry faster.
                      The advantage of choosing foods with a high level of satiety, eating schedule we will not be much affected, so we keep a regular eating pattern.

4. Eating fruits

                       Based on research by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the type of fruit that is able to suppress the appetite is pears. The study also examined the content of the apple that has about the same substances as a pear, which had the same fiber pectin. Fiber is helpful to decrease your appetite because it directly affects the volume of blood sugar in the body.
                       However, the results showed that the pears are considered to have 4 grams of fiber content of more than apples.

5. Drink lots of water

To date, no studies have shown that water can make the chubby. Instead of water consumed in large quantities it is recommended.

6. Divide large portions into smaller portions

                       If it is difficult to apply the above tips, dividing portions can be an alternative. For example, we eat three meals a day, we weigh how much weight we are eating. Next we observe in one day how many times the appetite often arises, then we divide large portions into smaller portions for a few moments like that.
                       Of course we also avoid excessive food because it can control the size of the meal, but to keep his appetite. May be useful.

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