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Jumat, 10 Agustus 2012

Natural Tips Getting rid of mosquitoes from Home

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                    Who does not know the little winged creature with a buzzing sound? Sometimes appear suddenly when we are asleep or early morning to relax. He took the time to sleep and our blood. Small creatures that are often disturbing is the mosquito.
                    Mosquito disturbance was very frustrating sometimes, especially if it happens when we're cool doing important activities. It could all be screwed. People who sleep well can be built only for a bite of her tiny mouth.

                     Not only that annoy dengungannya sound, but also bites. The amount is not much, but the effect of the resulting itch can last up to many minutes. Fortunate if the mosquitoes are not carriers of dangerous diseases such as dengue or malaria. If it happens, certainly after the itching is completed, we will be bothered by the disease it carries.
The presence of mosquitoes would make rest uncomfortable. No doubt many who wanted to remove it in various ways, such as the use of mosquito coils, mosquito spray and mosquito racket.
                     For parents who have children, child health will certainly get more priority. Applying repellents can be an alternative for the use of mosquito coils and sprays fear it would interfere with respiratory health. However, these measures are sometimes considered less effective because of the after effects of the lotion is lost, the mosquitoes will soon come and bite. In addition, less cumbersome if we always rely on repellents. It is not possible with a very dense activity, we have to smear your entire body with lotion every day just to avoid a bite?
                       Mosquito life cycle is quite short. After the spawn larvae in the water, the larvae will soon turn into larvae which then develop into adult mosquitoes. We must be vigilant at certain seasons into the explosion of mosquitoes to breed, such as dengue fever mosquito is growing rapidly in the rainy season or malaria mosquitoes in the transition seasons.
                        If you have this, we must do something to avoid animal bites. Do not let the atmosphere at home became strained due to being chased mosquito. There are a few tips you can try to naturally repel mosquitoes from the house:

1.  Clean the whole house of stagnant water

                 The first thing to do is place of origin to eradicate mosquitoes in the house. Useless if we eradicate all mosquitoes that come in, but instead ignored the appearance of the place.
                Some homes are designed with a pond on the inside to make it look fresh and beautiful appears. However, the problem of water in the pond to watch. Mosquitoes are very happy with stagnant water. Moreover, if the water is often drained.
                If the pool has a water system, certainly not a big problem because the mosquitoes will not breed freely. Conversely, if that is in the house is a pond with stagnant water, be prepared to receive an additional duty to be diligent to drain the pool at least once a week.
                 Another alternative for homeowners who have a pond with stagnant water, but do not have much time to clean is to use several types of fish as a natural predator, such as Betta fish or cere. Two advantages can be achieved about the same time, besides the fish get their food, mosquitoes in the home are also to be reduced.
                  Note also the places easily accessible but often overlooked, such as tin cans. Plastic pots, drinking birds, and water reservoirs are rarely drained would not be spared from where mosquitoes lay eggs persembuyian and if we do not clean. Pots in front of the house that rain washed too often the culprit. Little remaining stagnant water can become a comfortable place for the mosquitoes.

2. Make sure doors and windows closed at home

                   Plus a wide open door vertilasi sometimes escape the attention will be even easier way to get into the house mosquito. Close the doors and windows are easy to do, but what about ventilation?
                  Alternatives that can be used to close the vents are using nets with smaller holes than the mosquito. With nets, it is expected that air circulation is not disrupted but still home to avoid the home of the mosquito.
                   Close the small gap with Scotch tape to anticipate the entry of mosquitoes through another path. Make sure that the tape used is a transparent tape are cut in such a manner appropriate form so as not to spoil the beauty of the place home.

3. Check out the clothes that hung

                    Not something strange if the people we like to hang clothes after use. It is more practical if hung than folded. But we also need to know, mosquitoes often hiding behind the hanging clothes, especially clothes dirty. In anticipation of this, it is better if we do not hang clothes for too long.
Provide a laundry basket for a place to do so does not accumulate and become a nesting place for mosquitoes.

4. Put the rosemary or lemongrass leaves around the house

                     Mosquitoes have a sensitivity to certain kinds of perfumes. Research shows that these plants do not like mosquitoes. If you suffer from allergies to certain types of mosquito repellent medicine, this plant would have been very helpful. Besides making a beautiful home environment, the plant is not harmful to health.
                     The species commonly used in addition to rosemary flowers are lemon grass. Lemongrass function is now not just limited to cooking only. Lemongrass plants that contain geraniol and citronellal is very easy to find. Cheap basil plant that also can be used as a means to repel mosquitoes. Once placed in the pot, this plant can be put in a corner or near a window that is used to point out the mosquitoes.

5. Wearing a natural spray of lemon eucalyptus oil

                      Allergy to anti-mosquito spray because certain chemicals can be handled by using natural materials, namely oil of lemon eucalyptus. This oil can be obtained at the supermarket. Mosquito repellent is safe for use, including for pregnant women. The effects of this spray lasts approximately 6 hours.
                      If you want to make a spray with oil is easy enough, five drops of oil to pour in one cup water, then put in spray bottle. Spray two or three times on a limb before the activity outside the home. This method will prevent mosquitoes who want to try approaching.

6. Avoiding dark-colored clothing

Mosquitoes are easily lured by the dark colors like black, blue, and dark red. We do not want it, an easy target mosquitoes only because the color of clothing?

7. Diligent cut lawn

                     That the longer lawn will provide space for mosquitoes to live. Not only mosquitoes, but also other small animals. Usually the grass mowed 3-4 weeks to avoid small animals dwell too long. Forgot to cut the grass will provide greater opportunities for small animals is to become part of our house.

8. Alert to the emergence with preventive action

                   Mosquitoes can arise at any time. His arrival is usually irritated when he sleeps. Using a long-sleeved sleepwear can be done so that mosquitoes are reluctant to approach. The thicker the clothing that we use, the less annoying mosquitoes.
                  It's just that sometimes even the mosquitoes circling the ear to cause a disturbing noise. If it were so, that still sleep soundly, it's worth before the rest, we first put up netting around the bed. Mosquito nets will not make us breathless. Mosquito nets are also unable to penetrate the small size. May be useful.

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