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Kamis, 09 Agustus 2012

Mental and emotional preparation for New Students Toward the Newbie

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                   For new students, the activities Newbie (orientation studies and the introduction of the campus) is often the threat of its own. Hearing the word 'Newbie' it might have been there a shudder of horror. That's because one of perception. Many media are discussing Newbie with an emphasis on violence and other irregularities. View new students also have been influenced to some extent the media. Yet another purpose is not Newbie to socialize as well as state university system and one student bonding force.

                   Themselves are often exposed to the news media about the violence and punishment. Junior senior's image is still firmly attached. Reporting is likely to negatively affect mental freshmen who will undergo a series of activities Newbie. Students who have never had periods like this of course was scared.
But what may make, fear students will not change the policy that the university will still be running tradition Newbie. Assumption appeared as if someone has not 'legitimate' as a student before passing phase Newbie.
If viewed more deeply, in fact Newbie positive purpose, namely to educate new students to be more disciplined. After studying in high school, students usually conduct was brought up to new levels of Higher                  
                    Education so Newbie used as a means to discipline such a thing. During the life of a student is very different to life while still in school. No new students may be able to survive by bringing in old habits.
In addition to making students more sensitive to the environment and responsible to him, Newbie also become a means to eliminate the selfish nature of the student. Demands to know the friends of the force without distinguishing one another to create a sense of kinship.
                Such lessons are inserted by the committee Newbie their way, such as timeliness in making assignments, discipline because it is not too late, the courage to admit mistakes, and much more. Is often highlighted is how to deliver that sometimes less is acceptable. Every day, many students yelled, given the strange and difficult task. As a result 'secret message' is becoming difficult to catch. The only remaining memory of the pressure and displeasure when undergoing Newbie.
                  During the period of Newbie, new students will get a lot of positive experiences and lessons that are useful to him later, though indirectly. Inevitably, the freshmen have to do is start preparing mentally and physically from now so as not to miss one moment in the Newbie activities. Newbie assumptions about the spooky and torture should be promptly removed.
                   In Yogyakarta, the activities of each university Newbie not executed simultaneously. Each university has its own way. So far, there has been no further announcements regarding ospeknya material.
                   Laksmi Damayanti, a freshman medical education at the college Newbie admitted UGM will take place on August 30 to September 2. While Andhika Dwi, accounting freshman in college Newbie UMY presented will take place on 3-6 September. As with the Nilam Widyasih, a freshman industrial engineering at UPN "Veteran" who knows ospeknya will be held August 29 to 31. Although it is knowing when to be held Newbie, but all three do not know what they'll do it later.
                   "There is a view of fear of hell, especially with the atmosphere of the university later on, how the people, bergaulnya," Lakshmi said when asked how to deal with persiapaannya Newbie and his new environment. Andhika itself also felt the same way, "There is a fear of being scolded, reflection ospeknya more scary than high school" he said.
                    To remove such assumption, it should be emphasized in the new student will feel the effects after Newbie Newbie itself over. Most will miss the moments where they do chores, run so as not to late, and the memories that make the new students to be more disciplined.
                     To be more organized new student emotions in the face of Newbie, here are tips that can be tried. Do not let run Newbie lifetime full of memories of this once and leave the bad memories just because of the failure to regulate emotion.
  1. Convince yourself to think positively. Being a student is a new phase and so we need a new mental as well. No new students may come up with a mentally while still attending high school. Newbie with a committee that fought hard to guide new students in a way they are, do not deserve the business is viewed negatively. There will always be lessons to be learned in any given activity, whether it be a penalty or mandatory duty, provided that the new student open mind.
  2. There is no eternal Newbie. If there are students who think that a lifetime when he will be treated like a Newbie by seniors, the presumption should be deleted. Newbie instead of short duration should be best utilized in order not to regret later on.
  3. Senior who wishes to face with a cool head. Perhaps there is a difficulty regulating emotions when being scolded or punished by a senior due to either the task or throwing a tantrum. There is a feeling not accepted for reasons of self-esteem. Self-defense had to be done, but with a situation like this, it's better if communicated well. Senior will not do it out of bounds because they are still supervised by the lecturer.
  4. Share their stories. After receiving a lot of acquaintances later, a friend to tell a powerful place to share emotions. This is because experienced the same fate. By telling stories, a sense of sadness and emotion can be poured without having to destroy his own Newbie moment.

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