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Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Aviophobia, How to Handle?

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                   You've heard the term phobia? Maybe for some people, the term is not strange that the media often review topics related to phobias. Phobia itself is an exaggerated fear of the intensity due to certain factors, such as past trauma, as well as the experiences are not pleasant. Phobias can be experienced by anyone. What is clear, a phobia is affecting the behavior of people in the community if included in the serious stage.

                   There are many different types of phobia, one of which is aviophobia, namely the fear when in an aircraft. Someone said to suffer from panic aviophobia based on the intensity of the time during the flight. If someone lost a sense of panic for about 10 minutes, it was a sign the person is normal so do not panic just as aviophobia dikaregorikan. Conversely, if the fear was continued until more than 10 minutes, it can be said that the person is suffering from aviophobia.
                    Aviophobia can arise for several reasons. This is because the mind that comes from within, such as concerns over the aircraft to be hit, slipped on landing, and so forth. You can experience a sudden dizziness, nausea, and trembling. For people with Aviophobia, you may feel very depressed, uncomfortable, and wanted to get out of the plane suddenly.
                     Fortunately, many aircraft that have been facilitating the medical team to avoid this kind of phobia that does not disrupt the flight. Indeed it is profitable for airlines, but whether you will stick with aviophobia do you have? Surely you must try to cure this phobia for yourself. So, how do you identify characteristics aviophobia?

Understanding the meaning aviophobia

                   You should know the meaning aviophobia first. Aviophobia, fear when in an aircraft may be experienced by anyone in the flight. Aviophobia estimated to have been around for about a hundred years ago.

Recognize the level of anxiety self

                   Understand the true level of phobias that you have to determine your anxiety level. If still in normal level, you can handle it yourself by entering a positive suggestion that all will be fine as long as the flight takes place. Some nausea and vomiting while on the plane just because imagine what would happen to the aircraft. After mengetahuin this, it means you can not imagine this sort of thing.
Many people with jobs aviophobia who have difficulty due to limited space due to fear of flying. In addition, all activities involving aviation becomes obstructed.
                     For those of you who want to anticipate and deal aviophobia when flying, here are steps you can take:

1. Given the experience of flying

                     Always remember if you had an unpleasant experience with the aviation world can help overcome aviophobia. Most people aviophobia traumatized when the plane ride to remember relatives who crashed the plane.

2. Read a lot of things related to aviation.

                    If aviophobia diidap due to fears that the plane will fall, slip, and so forth associated with the performance of the aircraft, learn all things related to aviation is a necessity.
                     By studying the things associated with the process and flight systems, so you know how to work the plane so that the likelihood of accidents is very small. There are millions who survived the flight, compared to a handful of airlines that do not.

3. Avoid the consumption of sugar, alcohol, and caffeine when will perform flight

                      Caffeine-containing stimulants will make the body be awake during the trip. For people with aviophobia, waking it will create new problems, namely an increase in stress and anxiety.

4. Study the first treatment when symptoms occur

                      Breathing techniques are something that should be known for people with aviophobia. This technique is useful for helping to calm down. The fear that appears to be meninmbulkan panic that will accelerate the frequency of breathing. To fix this, you simply take a deep breath, hold for three seconds, then exhale through the mouth. Do this 10 times or more until you feel relaxed.

5. Divert attention by doing something else

                        Reading magazines can be an alternative to busy myself. In addition, listening to music can also be performed. If you've been busy with diversionary activities before, the fear of flight can be overcome.
Unfortunately, many do not know that phobias can be cured. Therapy to treat phobias are now can be more easily found.

                       If you suffer from a phobia and want to try to overcome your phobia, some of these tips you can try

1. Find the cause of phobias in you

                      If you already know the source of the fear you have, it would be easier to overcome these ketakuta. For example, you are afraid to fly high, you can try running at a certain height, higher and higher, and then imagine that you are on the plane.

2. Encourage and convince yourself to fight phobias

                         The first thing that can affect the next process is the suggestion in us. You must convince yourself that the phobia is not an incurable disease. Provided it has a strong desire to heal, phobias can be treated.

3. Visit the psychologist or therapist phobia

                         Phobia therapist becomes an alternative for those who wish to consult further about the phobia. Treatment with hypnotherapy system will lower the level of phobias, and even eliminate them.

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