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Kamis, 07 Juni 2012


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           When we crave something we desperately need help from others in realizing it. For example, when we are sick we go to the doctor and the doctors expect it will mengobat us. This situation raises the social interaction between us and doctors. Simple understanding of social interaction is a form of social process.In life, we as individual people will meet and interact with each other so it will create a system or pattern of life in society. This is called the notion of social interaction or in other words, social interaction has a sense of reciprocal relationships between the various kinds of social life interplay between the members.

             For example, in terms of economic, political, legal, social and cultural rights.In talking about the social process, we will not discuss the sense of escape from social interaction because social interaction is a common form of social process. In addition, social interaction, is a yardstick of social life. The process of social interaction can be made to understand that this can happen if in the community, individual or group interaction, which is the beginning of a process that occurs in society.
             Harmonious relationship between humans and harmony can not be separated from feelings related to each individual to individual, in subsistence. One of the individual needs of the community that can not be denied is the need for social harmony or order in which the individual can understand the importance of understanding social interaction. If social harmony is created between individuals or groups in society the sense of understanding of social interaction, it will facilitate the creation of individual adjustment to the social processes in society. But conversely, if the alignment does not occur in the community socially, both among individual communities or groups of people, there will be trouble and disrepute to make adjustment to the social processes in society.
              Included in this respect, efforts and resources to do so accomplished subsistence, so that an understanding of applied wonderful sense of social interaction.The main factor is used as a source of social harmony is a control or control socially. Understanding social interaction unknowable well, when the social control that is realized, where social control is an attempt or effort in the community to take action, interaction, or social processes, tailored to the values ​​and norms were administered by most people.In a sense, interaction and social harmony will occur at the social processes take place, has been recognized by various individual parties, supported, and are applied, the individual society as a whole.
             Therefore, in order to realize the achievement of social harmony, individual and society must be able to uphold the values ​​and norms of the life force.Forms of social interaction to comprehension and understanding of the application. In terms of understanding social processes to social interactions, then the continuity of social relationships between individuals, which in turn brings people and create change and development in these communities.
             God created human beings as social beings in a way, that between individual human beings with one another will be interconnected (interacting).In the home environment we are dealing with other individuals in the family. For example, the relationship with the father, mother, children and other family members. In any society we will always be in touch with other community members as well. For example, when we are dealing with the neighbors, the neighborhood father, the father of harmonious citizens, and individual members of society. From the above description that the understanding of the notion of social interaction, can be seen that the relationship is directly between individuals with one another. Social relationships to be harmonious and dynamic, both the internal relations of individuals, between individuals in groups, and individuals with the so-called social interaction.
             This understanding is very easily understood if the dynamics of interaction and harmonization maintained and properly applied. in today's global era, discerning social interaction not only occurs in person, but can also remotely or via telephone, internet, and television, can also indirectly, such as letters, newspaper or print media, and e-mail . The process of social interaction as a sense of understanding, can occur because of some factor causes, including:- Imitation. In terms of social interaction, namely the process of imitating or copying another individual or group in terms of attitude and behavior. For example, in some areas, a child shaking hands with an older man with a kiss the hands of parents.
              Child's behavior mimics the behavior of parents who also kissed the hand when shaking hands with an older one.Imitation in the sense of social interaction, has an important role in the process of interaction, even though imitation has a positive side and negative side. Pasa positive side, imitation may encourage individuals to comply with the rules and values ​​prevailing in society. For example, people obey the traffic order. On the negative side, imitation can undermine an individual thought can even turn off the development of individual creativity.
               The imitation not just a good action, but can also be distorted or actions detrimental to individuals, such as stealing, cheating.- Suggestion. In terms of social interaction, the influence of suggestion given by another individual of the views of the attitude or behavior that is received directly by that person without first thinking about the pros and cons. Examples of suggestions in terms of social interaction is as follows :
  • How to dress a group of young people who always follow the trends that are idolized at the time regardless of the suitability of these trends for himself.
  • The doctrine of a cleric who has enormous charisma will always be obeyed by his followers- Identification. In terms of social interaction, is the tendency or desire within the individual to be the same or comparable to other individuals who idolized. Identification process was originally just a process of imitation or suggestion. However, individuals who are familiar Identify individuals who idolized, so things like outlook on life, attitudes, behaviors, and values ​​of life can be institutionalized and made his idol as the individual's attitude to life.                                                                                        For example, teachers are friendly, caring, and wise in the act will become an idol and will be identified by their students. Similarly, many artists today who are identified by the teens.- Sympathy. In terms of social interaction, empathy is an attitude or action that seems to dissolve in the feelings, thoughts, happiness or suffering of another individual. It is driven by the desire to understand and work together will the other individual. Examples of social interaction in terms of understanding aspects of the sympathy that is :
  • If we're good friends something bad happens, we will mourn with grief and concern
  • We will be angry and furious when a thief is caught for stealing and injuring the victim.Understanding of social interaction with good sense and true, will generate the dynamics and the harmonization of social life in connection with the behavior or attitude of a good life, as well as the importance of life and order together for the betterment of the environment.

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