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Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

Understanding Corruption and danger

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                 The word corruption comes from the Latin meaning corruptio damaged, rotten, bribes, pervert. Understanding of corruption is inherent in individu0individu who have good personalities or tend not to deviate. Corruption has a notion that is where a person acts in secret in order to enrich himself and his colleagues in a way that is not true in a way distorts the trust given by the community.
                  Corruption does not only happen in Indonesia, but also to almost all countries in the world. So sadly, in 2011, Indonesia was ranked 100th of 183 countries surveyed. Surely we should be embarrassed after the title of this and do something for this year's ranking of corruption in Indonesia can be derived. Corruption is our need to understand and comprehend, because of a lack of understanding on this one, can result in a very anarchic action even in a smooth and quiet.In Indonesia, there is an official institution of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in charge of handling corruption cases.                    Many cases have been resolved by this agency, but we must not be silent and just rely on Commission work. Cases of corruption is widespread in Indonesia. As good citizens, we must do something more.Examples of acts of corruption committed because of a lack of understanding of meaning and understanding.                    Cases of corruption can occur in various areas of public life, where a lack of understanding and interpret the acts of corruption. Which often made headlines in the media is a case involving financial corruption by unscrupulous officials. Lack of understanding of corruption will become conditioned, then the individual people who have access in the management of the State, so many indications of cases of corruption.                     Public understanding of corruption sometimes misguided, people think corruption is only done by a state manager alone, but almost the whole of society was never committed acts of corruption. Perhaps, people are less individuals interpret the meaning of corruption in his life, even in trivial things, sometimes we as individuals do micro-scale corruption that we never realized, it turns out it is an act of corruption.                     Yes, it's corruption case that we can find very much. Mirisnya, there is still corruption are not aware that it does include a crime.Understanding of corruption is significantly sharper, with no good treatment and eradication of corruption, management mentality will never exist in the completeness of handling. Chances of corruption are easy to find and less sense to it, so that not infrequently there are many people who are tempted, and falling, until it can not escape.                      Corruption also become addictive. Corruption is advantageous because of the corruption with corruption, he got a lot of conveniences of life. In the application he was the perpetrator, not understanding the meaning of corruption, so that the perpetrators claim that these actions are rejeqi in its favor. However, such actions can afflict other people, either people he knew or not. Even people who were not involved can be harmed. Several cases of corruption that are often encountered because of the lack of understanding of the disadvantages that include corruption,
  1. bribery caseBribery can be a bribe of money or gifts. Both the bribery, and who accept bribes, they've been doing deeds of corruption. The lack of understanding of the action, so that acts of corruption as an act of bribery is considered halal.If bribery is carried out on field work by people who should not be able to carry out the task, but he wanted to get more power, he will try to find a close relative who has the power to help him. Impact, others who have more quality will suffer ..
  2. Moreover, if a bribe is made in case law. Resulting impact will certainly get worse. Justice will be worse off and those who do not have to be honest consciousness is rampant. Where the individual terms of this corruption? Everywhere the people calling for justice to be upheld, have us do?
  3. Embezzlement of moneyEmbezzle money or hide money as well, including corruption.Money that should be given rights to others even go into their own pockets. If the money that should be given to the interests of others were taken, the increase in welfare can be inhibited.Examples of cases that often occurs, usually one does not give his change over to shop, but he did not feel that what he did wrong. He considers that he took the money as wages. 
                    Understanding of corruption is very serious for the offender if understand it. Though the action has included the category of corruption. Certainly very unfortunate if the act is not good that this stems from ignorance parties continued without a role that can bring the perpetrators.• Exaggerating the costThis action is usually found on a project. For example, funding is needed just a little, but deliberately inflated several times for personal gain. Or the use of cost budgets should be spent to buy good quality stuff, instead replaced with poor quality goods to get the rest of the money.• Handling a convoluted permitWhen we want to get something, ID card or driver's license for example, often the process undertaken must be coupled with certain conditions. Money is a signature, money was smoking, but smoking provision to ask for money or money signature was never issued by the government.If we follow the right procedures, no-frills cash plus-plus earlier, the matter will certainly be complicated and time spent becomes longer. If you have this, we are tempted to help these criminals carry out the action.Most people who want to do the corruption is not desperate.                They make their own rules and it is already rooted in the cultural community.Just take a look, certainly much has been understood if the care of something, then made a convoluted, that's the sign of the perpetrators of corruption has given a sign to ask for something to ease the victim got what he sought, of course, plus a further inducement to convince the sentence. The victim knew the tricks of this, only a few bills tucked in the pocket, all matters directly over the spot.Hazards and the prevention of corruption because of a lack of understandingCorruption can lead to addiction.                Who does not want to have a lot of money? Motivation was adopted most, but not all realize it is the right way. The desire to get something it can easily beat the honest effort though.When to immediately get a feeling of wealth can not be unstoppable, finally chosen the path of instant, corruption.At first it cool when done alone, then there will be feelings of dissatisfaction, so that the criminals will find a 'friend' is in line to support its action. Cases of corruption had become a chain. From one person who invited his close friend, and then spread to a friend's office, even his family was involved.
               Its eradication? Of course became more difficult. The trail is difficult to trace because each will be trying to protect his friend. Therefore, precaution must be taken to prevent a person not to be tempted by corruption.A. Provision of socialization on the dangers of corruptionNot everyone knows what it defisini corruption, so it needs to be released to the public at large about what I may be categorized as acts of corruption.
                Provision of this socialization can cooperate with the authorities to lift the recent corruption cases, so people really understand corruption and long-term impact will be accepted. Corruption is not just a government problem. Problem of corruption is our common problem. We both wanted Indonesia to be better. So should not we close ourselves to the case.No matter how small steps we did, it would be very meaningful.Participate in eradication efforts, both when reporting corruption and to report suspicious acts related to corruption is a small example that we can do to combat corruption and improve the condition of Indonesia. Concern that we provide will give a very big impact, especially if it can be passed on to others.                 Dare to say no to all that smells of corruption, description of the above examples of corruption are some of the various cases of corruption. Corruption can be done by anyone, even the smallest child. Because escape from the corruption is not easy, effective step to take is as far as possible away from such actions.If there is an offer from someone else, even with the lure of lucrative, it would not be worth the punishment we will receive later. A corrupt person will not only receive the sanction of the authorities, but also the social environment. Public confidence in the ex-criminals will be lost. Yet we are social beings who can not live alone and have to society.                                Corruption deadly spirit of hard workIf something can be achieved by means of instant, to what we have to work hard?Opinion should be thrown away. There are no instant results without effort. It is initially fun, but in the end, only regret.Something that is obtained by means of corruption will vary it with that obtained with hard work. Almost instantaneous habits will not make life so much better, quite the contrary, because it used to easy living, the ability to deal with severe problems will not be owned.

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