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Senin, 18 Juni 2012


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           One time The Prophet's wives, ask for extra income and livelihood. It's actually very likely be met if he wanted because he was entitled to the spoils of war which is quite large. But has become a sunnah The Prophet hoping to avoid the mundane and the interests of the hereafter. Finally, they were told to choose his wife's remains, a life that is willing to go to the next village or divorce.

           Ahmad narrated from Jabir ra, ra that Abu Bakr came to The Prophet asked permission to appear. At that time the Prophet was sitting and the people crowded in front of the door of his house, but Abu Bakr was not allowed. Then came Umar bin Khatttab ask for permission, but he also is not allowed. Just a few moments later they were allowed into his house, The Prophet was sitting in silence. The wives sit around him, "I would say to the Prophet, that might make him laugh," said Umar as he continued, "The Prophet O, if I saw the daughter of Zaid (Umar's wife) asked me a living, would have been had I hit her neck" . Heard that he laughed when he looked up to molar teeth. He said, "Those who are around me also ask for additional living kepakaku".             
          Abu Bakr cash up to where his son, Ayesha to hit it. Umar also got to where Hafsah, daughter. They both said, "You two are asking for something that is not owned by The Prophet?" He also intervene and prohibit Abu Bakr and Umar. The wife he said, "By Allah, after this we will not ask for anything Rosulullah did not have".
          God finally lose the option to his wives, Aisha started from, he said, "I remind you one more favor if you expect it to be, so that you can consult with your parents", "What is it?" Said Aisha. Then he recited verses 28-29 of Al-Ahzab suroh, meaning, "O prophet, say to your wives: If ye desire the life of the world and jewels, so then let me give you mut'ah and I divorce you in a way that fine. And if you all want (pleasure) of Allah and His Messenger and the victory in the Hereafter, Allah provides for anyone who is kind of you a great reward. "
            Aisha responded immediately, "Do you think I'm still going to ask advice from my parents? I choose Allah and His Prophet. I beg, do not tell this to one of my choice of your wives," says Aisha. But he insisted that he would inform the choice Aisha told the other wives as he was the messenger and as an educator and provide convenience.
             Thus, finally the wives of The Prophet chose pleasure of Allah and His Prophet and happiness in the next village. He has succeeded in making his family as a wonderful place to learn. He himself is also very concerned about education to families in the midst of taking care of people and nations. His wives were very excited to receive education from him. Maybe this is the key to successful education in the family working together. Hopefully we can imitate him.

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