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Kamis, 07 Juni 2012


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                Love is not only for being in love, but destined for all people, even all creatures given life on this earth. Words of love are standardized for human life that was created to have the intelligence and the mind in order to run your best life. Muhasabah love, I think too hard when talking about this issue.Love is IslamIslam teaches kindness and giving human being with full benefits. Humans have a lot of potential for good use, to each other or the other God's creatures.

                The absence of justification, man to do any damage or deterioration of fellow creatures. All creation is perfectly done by the All-Love, but why always us, the creatures of His creation, make the same mistake. Muhasabah love it necessary?Greatness of Islam, wherever terlantun until the end of the world, no one does not know about Islam, Islam strongly recommends to have a love, without which there is no certainty of life and survival that will be maintained.
                 Muhasabah of love is necessary, because the errors and evils that occur on this earth, because there is no love muhasabah.Islam gives a good rule in projecting a sense of love in proportion and not haphazard, provide a good foothold in the application of such love, such as :

  1. It is no exaggeration in expressing feelings of love for fellow human beings well and other living things- Provide a good link in the application
  2. Awarded by and through the manner and conduct proper and justified by Islam. Was it true love delivered? have justified our love and are applied to accumulate good love and not exaggerate. Time for us to do muhasabah to love us. Muhasabah an act of introspection itself against the effects and benefits obtained from the application of love. Love is blind, we often hear this phrase, a human being if it had been exposed to the disease of love then all of a lot of rethinking and doing very irrational and becomes twisted around. As a result of this too, can lead people to do something that is not normal. No more to say about love, we are very aware of the word.                                                                        Love is a joy, pleasure, desire (nature) of human and other living things to one another. But not intelligent pabila we understand and apply it so much we dropped in case of no benefit at all to bring our lives. That's what we need to do muhasabah of our love, count and learn what our love has been justified by Islam, true love, the love that brings us to the goodness and benefits.Whoever wants to be loved Allah and His Messenger he should speak the truth (truth), keep the message and not disturb neighbors (Narrated by Al-Bayhaqi). Love is good and right to bring benefit to human life.              Muhasabah essence of love is put to the All-Love love, without prejudice to the love of man, is recommended. As the following hadeeth: Whoever put the love of God for the love of man, God will protect him from the burden of human disturbance (Narrated by Ad-Dailami). Rope's most powerful and robust is our love for God and hatred of the most well against something is hatred for God (Ath-Thabrani HR).   
                      We need to realize, our love for something and it can affect our quality of life. In daily activities, we do simple things like bathing, without any sense of love for yourself to feel clean and comfortable, then we would not do it. Especially for big things that affect our lives and work.Actually besifat instinctive love, sometimes long, sometimes short, can even disappear altogether. Love is a gift of God that we can not avoid, to the opposite sex, husbands against wives, wives to husbands, children to parents or vice versa, our love of animals, plants, and so forth. It is all a form of love that can never be avoided and eliminated. Muhasabah, it is important to do because of love for something to make ourselves blind and deaf (Abu Dawud and Ahmad), except we do it right.
                     O God, is this true love? I feel this would have convinced you, well it feels itself to greet thee, O God. Do not separate the good and benefit in this, 'God, without it, our lives will be meaningless.Types of loveInstinctively, that's the nature of love. Having lots of sex so often made us dizzy, false love, love is wanting something in return and hope more than anything loved it. Love is temporary or lasting. Just a mere worldly, no more than that. Allah swt says in the Koran, Ali letter "Imron paragraph 185 : every soul shall taste death. And only on the day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages. Whoever kept out of hell and put in a surge, then indeed he has been lucky. Life of the world is nothing but a deceiving enjoyment.Even the love of a child's ibupun to be apparent. 
                      With words of love, a mother could let her do the promiscuity and without limit. Because the mother is frightened, the boy is too restrained pabila it will experience depression5. Ongoing love (inherited) and sustained hate (inherited). (Narrated by Bukhari)6. Who wants to know his position on God's side let him observe how the position of God in him. Verily, Allah puts his servant in a position as he put the position of God in him. (Narrated by al-Hakim)

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