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Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

medical equipment in the household

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                    Health care is expensive, it is often only realized when we are in a state hospital. If someone is sick mind would be cramped, the food was not too bad, not to mention the hospital bills and medications are expensive. Because it is the saying "prevention is better than cure" fit to answer the present circumstances.All we can do to prevent the exercise routine, diet, healthy food choices, and regular sleep. The second step we must take if it turns out from the stage penceghaan us "a chance" sick, "a chance" there are no symptoms, there is a tendency, things we can do is continue to control and monitor the condition of our body.
                    One of them has a medical equipment to enable us to control and determine the condition of our bodies.Here we discuss what health means there are at least in our house: among others, thermometer, tensimeter, and measuring blood sugar, uric acid and cholesterol. Because of the heat, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid are now more popular among the public, not just old people or the rich are affected but have a lot of young children or the age of starting exposure. Measuring blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid. Today, more and more attention when the young group affected blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid. Largest contribution is due to diet and foods that less attention. Because it is so it's good if every household has medical equipment, such as measuring blood sugar and uric acid.          
                     Currently not difficult to obtain this kind of measuring instruments, the market had already encountered a lot of tools like this, for example in Surabaya can be obtained one of them on the Road Resources Happy Darmo. Brand assortment and price also varies, and its use is "user friendly" or easy to use. For example:Various brands Easy Touch The market we can find products with ease Easy Touch This, at any online store is now available, so it is suitable for those of you who have a solid daily activities, just order it from online stores. Touch the product easy to determine levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid there is a separate or individually and there is also a 3 in 1.
                     In one tool we can get three benefits, based on the examination of existing levels in the blood. This device consists of three main parts, namely the first dimension meter that serves as a data processor, the viewer, is the main part, the second part of the blood-making strip equipped with mini chips, so it can be read by the meter dimension, strips can be recharged when depleted . The third part of the needle and lighter, to injure a finger in order to have blood drawn.Easy touch GCU online market is priced at Rp. 360,000.00, the price is quite affordable and worth the benefits to be obtained.                
                     So now is to determine levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid we do not have enough at home to laboratories, anybody can use it anytime and anywhere as well as "user friendly" is also equipped with a manual. In addition to the above tools are easy to carry anywhere because of its size is not too large (88x64x22 mm) and weighs about 5 grams. The results will be displayed on the LCD screen in a short period of time 10 seconds for glucose test, 20 seconds to test uric acid and 150 seconds to display the results of cholesterol.
                     Thermometer, For families with small children or infants, where the thermometer is very helpful when your child sick. Because the heat on the child by the parents need to watch out, it is feared step, which will result in further seizures fatal. There are several options:

• Thermometer old modelmercury thermometer, and thermometer alcohol.

Thermometer for this model you just spent Rp. 10,000-Rp. 15.00,00, the price is quite cheap and can easily get at the pharmacy, medical equipment store, or shop online.

• Modern Thermometer

              Digital thermometers that do not use a liquid medium such as an older model but with a direct number panel shows the temperature of the body and displayed on the screen. Digital thermometer brands Master Model TDC-9 can be obtained at a price of Rp. 30000.00 or brand Geon at Rp. 35000.00. Shoot thermometer that uses infrared as the media and the measuring instrument, which can measure a very fast one second or less. There are several options ear thermometer, which measured the cavity of the ear canal is due to the temperature of the ear cavity most closely with the temperature in the body.
             Another model of the thermometer forehead thermometer gun, which is more practical in its use, especially for small children because small children usually feel uncomfortable when there is a foreign object attached to the body. Care to brand ear thermometer can be obtained at a price of Rp. 350.000, -, while the brand Omron MC-510 models priced at Rp. 500.000, and another example is the Riester brand at a price of Rp. 750.000,

  • Tensimeter
                Tensimeter is indispensable especially for people with high blood pressure, because blood pressure can cause rupture of blood vessels in the brain. There are two types, namely tensimeter analog models use a needle or mercury, and digital models in which the results are instantly displayed on the screen are available. For example, for models such as the analog needle brands ALPK2 Aneroid models can be obtained at a price of Rp. 75,000, - alone.
                 While the models are wearing seat in mercury such as hospitals or clinics can be obtained at a price of Rp. 1,500,000, - such as Nova or Riester brand. For the digital models of the average price of Rp. 500 000 such an Omron brand and brand Citizen.Tensimeter, Measurement of glucose, uric acid, and cholesterol, as well as the thermometer is an example of medical equipment are recommended to be owned by households given the benefits to be obtained. As early as possible so we can continue to monitor the condition of the body and our health and our family members, and moreover we can also use the medical equipment to help the neighbors so that our relationship be more familiar with the neighbors, helping each other.
                  Is not prevention better than cure? By maintaining a healthy body and monitor the condition of the body with medical equipment spending is expected to post kesehehatan such treatment, see a doctor, laboratory, hospital costs will be much distressed and terminimalisir, so the family finances will be more loose and life would be more enjoyable and comfortable . By having medical equipment on an initial investment form that we can continue to enjoy keuntungungannya, and we indirectly have implemented smart and saving lives by investing in the health equipment. Salam sense of humor. Let do healthy living.

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