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Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

Distance Learning

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                Learning is a human need. Wherever we are, we are actually learning. What we do is a learning process, and the mistakes we make are also part of the learning process. Learning is inseparable from life.The influence of globalization that are felt in the areas of technology, making the people are driven to always do innovation for the learning process becomes much easier. Now, learning can be done to anyone in a great distance even once.Along the entry of globalization in Indonesia, the world of education we go untouched by the technological sophistication.
                For the promotion of education in Indonesia, the government is to take advantage of the sophistication involved in making a variety of innovations in learning systems that we have.Studying with a teacher who initially only be done at school and tutoring, can now be done at home with enough supplies in the form of computer technology and internet connection. As long as they can online, all information can be sought.Facility served our government has been able to taste. Starting from the BSE (electronic school books) that can be accessed and downloaded directly, and web sites featuring special education. The existence of these facilities makes growing a learning tool.                All the government of course is meant to promote Indonesia, so that all levels of society can be educated, and there is no longer an excuse not to learn because of lack of resources and references science reason to stop digging.Not be attached with a student with a teacher, learning without a pembibing not mean complete. Although it is not face to face, the teacher who gives the material can be found online through learning on the internet.Introduce system of distance learning (e learning) on ​​student.                 Convenience of online learning has many positive effects. The learning process will not just stop as school hours are over. Even after being at home, we are free to use all means to re-learn.Learning must continue. Of course if it is done continuously, it is not possible in addition to being smart, a student is also critical in the face of a case.However, the success of the dissemination of information about distance learning system is still heavily dependent on publication.Installing the announcement or web link on the blog and certainly less effective without balanced with the publication in other forms, such as putting up posters.
                 Publications focused on the web usually tend to only be known by users who are already familiar with the internet, while making online learning system is known, the publication should also be aimed at students who are not familiar with the internet. The introduction of the students who are not familiar with technology like this can be done through socialization in schools.Online learning site facilitiesVariety of sites, both government sites and private sites, is made because of high concern in education in Indonesia. The site also color the source of student learning.                   Reference is initially derived from books and teachers can be expanded via the internet.Educational facilities that can be enjoyed very diverse. There are sites that intentionally providing special education teacher or tentor at certain hours in order to take advantage of access of the facility to ask questions and consultation. There are also sites that distribute free material on a regular basis via email. Not infrequently, there is a consulting and learning through video tutorials.                  Usually, before enjoying the facility, we must be a member of the site facilities providers. It was intended to simplify the login process and provision of related information content of the site.Presented with many facilities such tempting, we should be more observant to choose how to learn what kind of suit. Usually the case that often happens is that most of us are embarrassed to ask when he was in school, either because of fear, or because they do not want to be stupid.                   This sort of thing that science can be a limiting factor that comes. By utilizing online learning facilities, a sense of shame when face to face can be avoided. So far there has been no case that says a student when learning online, by karana, we are free to ask any issue without having ridden with fear and fear being scolded considered stupid. Benefits of distance learning. Online learning in a way not only to help finalize the matter we have, but also can add other knowledge. Moreover, we do not have to come all the way to the relevant supervisor to ask for an explanation of material. All facilities after neatly presented. Just how do we use it all.Usually the online learning site is made as attractive as possible so that visitors feel at home. Not infrequently a site also features a collection of about a variety of subjects that are always updated.Another plus, there is a grading system directly.                   So, after the students finished work on the problems online, immediate value is acceptable, even created a ranking system so that he can measure his ability with his online friends to another.Of course it was very happy when the children were introduced to the rare ability to measure through simulations or try out because of certain constraints. They can easily enjoy this facility is only armed with an internet connection and PC, so that all students in Indonesia there is no education because it can feel asiknya learn.Learning systems that connect to the internet also allows us to update the latest information.                   News on education can be directly known to us. Problems and new subject matter can be directly assumed by us.For those who can not learn just by looking at a row of words and phrases, learn through animations and tutorials can be the solution.Typically, in addition to written materials furnished to, a site also features educational videos that explain more material. There is also a video made as a venue for a quiz that requires an understanding of relevant materials to be able to answer the quiz.The more effective way to make students understand the material without having to force him to understand quickly.                  In addition, a site often provide handout material that can be printed by itself. It helps students to understand the material.When the study began to saturation to comeAnd do not always learn the questions in a fun site. Sometimes a routine that also makes the brain feel saturated. But do not let it remove all the spirit of learning. The brain must be rested in order to be fresh and ready to return to receive the material.Because we are still connected to the internet, learn how to deal with burnout are:
  1. Update our knowledge by reading the latest newsSaturation of the study should not be used as inhibitor sensitivity of the information. Although we are not learning, but in fact we're increasing knowledge. The brain is saturated should not be allowed to hinder our sensitivity to the environment.
  2. Interact with friends through social networksNot something strange if almost all know social networking sites, both famous and ordinary. To relieve the boredom, interacting with others can be a solution. Moreover, if the interactions are conducted to discuss education issues.
  3. Writing on the blogWrite a routine of fun especially when done on a personal blog. All that we feel can be poured without protest, as long as done within the rules.
  4. Looking for racing information. 
                       Because the Internet is a source of actual information, information on various kinds of competitions can be obtained easily. We can choose the type of race that according to their talents, then follow the competition. So, besides learning, we are also able to compete.

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