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Kamis, 07 Juni 2012


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          Discount, it is said that a very famous and very pleasing to the lovers of world consumption. Discounts, discounts, and discounts, that is favored, especially by people who loved beauty, beauty, affection, he haum air. Woman's pleasure is a sense of something, especially a beautiful and enchanting, because women themselves are beautiful and she is jewelry.

           Discounts, apparently still ringing in his head, when a woman asks a price of clothes in one of the leading mall in Surabaya, not half the woman asked, apparently after a glance, the clothes in question had been very cool for the price of new motorcycles, and without discount. Beauty, elegance, and splendor of clothes emblazoned on it, and more fun to note is that apparently there is no discount clothes.
           Discounts, rebates, very popular and loved many people, young and old, rich and poor, especially if it's free, but it can not be denied, says it is consuming all our attention as being consumptive. Discounted lot of us have encountered when we walk everywhere especially the places that provide goods and services such as clothing, jewelry, and so forth. But discounts are not reserved only for major items only, as of today almost all goods and services marketing to promote the market with pairs of heavily discounted.
            Definition of discount. Discounts can be interpreted as a reduction of the gross amount or value of an item; also be interpreted as a reduction of the regular price or list; discounts are also a reduction in proportion of the debt accounts iutang derived from a payment of cash or goods; reductions are made to advance the interests of cash money or bill payments. Many things can be interpreted as a discount, the discount is essentially an act of a reduction in price or value of the goods or the base price listed is intended to promote the purchase or konsumivitas community of goods and services.
             Discount is one of the marketing tricks of economic actors in an increase or accelerate rates or purchasing power for goods and services. When the discount is applied there will be a supply and eventually purchase. Offers will happen when the buyer to see the discount or rebate for goods sold in accordance with the needs of the buyer, the seller will provide services and to receive penawwaran of buyers. When there is agreement that prices for goods and the seller also needs to give a little relief with the discount, the purchase of goods needs to happen.
              Benefits and be alert to the existence of discount goods and services . Discount to the level of consumption of goods and services increased, giving the label a discount on goods and services offered can be beneficial to the seller or buyer, including:

  1. where the presence of discounting can expand the business or sales area, initially within the scope of family, friends, neighbors, and even extends to the neighborhood, harmonious community, village, district, and the more broadly
  2. with the provision of discounts on products sold goods and services, can facilitate the purchase of goods and services, because not all subjects the buyer of goods and services have the same ability, there is a high buy-capable, or even some who do not have the ability to buy, but with of this discount, the ability to buy eventually reached, so the need for goods and services are met
  3. when the discount is given to the product sales, then the event of purchasing and supply the product, will benefit both the seller or buyer, in which the buyer will increase because of the tendency of buyers liked the product discounts, and increase revenues for such products.                                                         
                That's some benefit when we are good at a discount to the meaning and application in life, but should be considered because not all of the discount is good, both when the discounts for goods and services that provide more benefits to the wearer or in other words, the discount to the needs of the main items is expected given the population of our country, not all people who buy high-power, especially for basic needs.    
                Awareness of the potential discounts should also be done, because in reality our lives are also discounts can hurt us either as sellers or buyers, which should make the buyer a discount can smile with beautiful, sometimes there are sellers who provide buyers a discount even make a loss. Of discounts can make a disorganized family expenses even be frivolous, or even because of the discount can be a problem in the family. Must be vigilant.Sometimes the discount is a trap for the lovers of goods and services, can make even a thin bag dry. Where the discount is to make us addicted, low purchasing power, but the desire to grow. It's irony.
                Among the reasons for the discount even able to make our bags bone dry and make deadly opiate that is:

  1. discount, which states, 'buy one get one, buy two get one, and the next. In fact, this is one of the tricks of marketing, that we will approach the product being sold, even enticing us to buy even more than our abilities. And usually, the seller would also require that such products
  2. discount which is another trap is a direct invitation in a store openings, retail or food outlets, where we get when there are special discounts in the purchase of the product because when we have included in their circle, then when do not need a product in direct invitation , but eventually we bought it so well when we do not need these products
  3. Other discounts that trapping is a discount for a specified time, where there is an element in a hurry, so we had to get to the store to buy it, otherwise we will lose the long-awaited moment.And there are many products to the discount trap. 
                 So hopely with the discounts on goods and services we should study and thoroughly beforehand so that we will not be stuck in a loop that is misleading discounts. Gifts or gratuities whether including discounts, well this one might be a little higher level, the discount is the free gift or without being asked by someone who is directly given person without that person received it, but often interpreted as a cash dividend that comes from outside the salary someone working in any field, then we need to be careful in life. All this can be a lawful and good when we know the meaning of the word discount in accordance with the requirements of consumption goods, but discounts may be unlawful and bad when we know about it but we still do it (purchases), thus making the goods we buy mubadzir or futile because there is no benefit in the value of the goods.

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