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Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

Definition of Learning

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                 Before we get to know the sense of learning, we must know the beginnings of word learning, where learning comes from the word "teaching" which means the instructions given to men, to be known to (be followed). While the word "learning" process itself has meaning, act, how to teach so that students want to learn.Understanding of learning is a process that appears due to communication and relationship educators with their students. Thus, this process involves the interaction of both parties, giving rise to a reciprocal relationship.Although it has a definition similar to the definition of teaching, the attempt to make students learn, but the difference lies in the interaction effects.

                 In the process of teaching can not be found reciprocity for activities conducted by educators and only lasted one direction.Understanding aims to facilitate learning dimaknakan students in learning the methods of knowledge transfer and application of education, where science provided not only material in the textbook, but can be a science of planting, the values ​​of life, important concepts, skills and even skills for life provision of community self-Since when humans experience the learning process and interpret the notion of learning?Since childhood, to old age, a person will experience a state called learned. Life experience, expertise, skill and determination in life is a form of person would understand the sense of learning.
                 Life long learning, an understanding that in when we as humans understand the concept and influence of science in public life with a man of learning which will continue to experience the process of learning and understanding of the meaning of learning wherever and whenever humans are located. In terms of learning context is different, but the core of the learning process are as human tools in the transfer and apply knowledge in social life in everyday life.Components in understanding the sense of learningLearning activity is an activity in a two-way interaction, so that all related components must have a reciprocal relationship is also good.
                 Components in understanding the sense of learning include:
Teacher or educator
                 Educators said to be good if it has the capability and capacity to motivate learners to be motivated to carry out the study with pleasure. With the motivation given, it is expected that learners can receive pemebelajaran material in accordance with the capability to be applied to social life. If educators and learners can understand the notion of learning is good and right, then the learning objectives in the study will obtain the product exhaustiveness is reached, as well as learning competence will decompose and well applied. Educators play an important role in regulating the learning process, so that the meaning of the sense of learning accumulated in the systematic study integrals, in which the actions of educators in the form of which is to give the sense of learning materials, the spirit, the application itself is good, a reflection of learning, teaching and learning providing a conducive and pleasant .
                  Good educators have the ability and capacity to handle a situation and condition, in other words to integrate the teaching and learning activities with learning methods that balanced and dynamic.

                  The role of learners in the learning process to understand the notion of learning is the recipient of the material and the learners. A student has the right to ask what he did not know at educators, this is a simple reference in teaching and learning activities. In addition, learners should be able to contribute the same in the achievement of competence and thoroughness learning products. Learners are expected to balance or in synergy to create good teaching and learning activities.

                   Media in terms of understanding the learning dalah intermediaries used during the learning process takes place. Media can be a tool of communication and technology, such as computers, televisions, and radios. Besides the Internet can also be used as a medium of learning. The use of media aims to facilitate the learning process, so that material can be conveyed from educators and well received. Once again, understanding the sense of learning can occur due to two-way communication between educators and learners.

Learning materials
                     Materials provided include the following three important aspects: cognitive, affective aspects, and psychomotor aspects, so that the learning process with the aim of understanding the sense of learning can be optimized. While the instructional material can be given of the concepts embedded in the learner. Principle in terms of understanding the learning :

  • Motivation      
  •                                                                                                                                                 Although the motivation may arise directly in advance and must be given by others, such as teachers, parents, and friends, a good learning process will raise the motivation of learners.Motivation is closely related to interest. In the learning process in order to achieve an understanding of the sense of learning in which the spirit of motivation serves as a pump to keep the students motivated to learn. Students with high motivation to learn will continue to be eager to investigate what she likes, so he will learn to be more active. Motivation can be easily observed through behavior that indicated the students.          Students who have high motivation and a sense of spirit would have known not to give up on learning. Very great curiosity. From the bright side, he can change something that's hard to be a challenge, so the view of the difficult things can be turned into a fun challenge. Educators in this case has an important role to steer students toward pesrta motivation positive, such as changing the perception of a problem as well as teach how to cope with the attention and the facilities required. Attention given by teachers to give a big hand because without attention, the learning process will not occur.
  • Liveliness                                                                                                                                           
  • Learning to understanding the process of learning a passive pengetian certainly will not be effective. Where possible learners should be encouraged to be active, both active and active asks aspirations and desires. Activity can be demonstrated by physical activity that can be easily captured as asking, reading, writing, and listening. While the activity is difficult to observe in the form of psychic activity that involves the brain such as the search for problem solving, understanding concepts, and so forth.Learning activities require a lot of practice. The more frequent and repeated practice materials provided, students will become more proficient and understand the things he has got. In addition, the creativity of the students usually come after he mastered what he learned, because the concept that he had already mature and orderly.
  • Directly involved                                                                                                                                      
  • To understanding the learning process of learning can be applied both when an action study done by the learner, not learning by proxy. Learners experience the learning process and observe every detail so that it is able to describe what she experienced.For example, someone wanted to know how to make batik. Learn through a book or just hearing the story of batik makers will be less effective because of the opportunity to move and find out for himself is not given. Whereas when one is dealing directly with the process of making batik, and watched, it will be more effective because he can jump directly and perform other activities. That sense of understanding of learning explicitly.We learn by absorbing 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we say, and 90% of what we say and do. The data show that learning is not effective if the activity carried out only by teachers, while students allowed to listen as students will only absorb 20% of all described by the teacher. Another case when students are free to do what they want, then ask if you do not understand, then describe what he experienced. He will be able to remember 90% of what he did. Understanding the notion of learning properly applied, with the synergy of overall ability.
  • Repetition                                                                                                                                                       
  • Is like a sharpened knife many times will become increasingly sharp, repeating the subject matter that has been obtained can also sharpen memory. Repetition can be done in various ways, write it back after reading, making notes, or to frequently asked questions with a friend on the material already learned.
  • Challenge                                                                                                                                          
  • Learning can be likened to the difficult terrain, so it is necessary to overcome the ability to conquer the field. Way, the students are motivated to change the difficult challenge had to be something fun in its own way. To resolve any spirit will arise. If the challenges can be overcome, learning objectives were achieved. The achievements of learners will dipahamkan understanding of learning through a real challenge in material or psychological.
  • Differences of individual character                                                                                                     
  • Each person has a different character. Attitude and the way the challenge was different. Educators should be able to provide treatment according to their characteristics to their students.Methods of teaching and learning pengetian directed either simultaneously with that in the end it is understood the students will experience the difference anyway. There is a need to explain again and again, some are able to instantly understand once explained. Educators must be very clever in giving special attention to their students, especially with different characteristics from others that can still receive the material well.Differences in individual character should receive more attention from educators to create an atmosphere conducive to learning and have the tradeoffs. It is often found are educators to treat all students equally, as if they all have differences, so as to understand what is given with good educators. Learning process as it will make the students, especially those unable to follow the lessons can become depressed and lose motivation to learn. Understanding the learning embodied in the product indicates that the completeness pencapian learning competence is achieved.

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