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Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012


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            In daily life, if we see people walk, bicycle race on the road, which rotates clockwise, the sun moves from east to west, it's all the instances of objects in motion.
Because the bemo is not forth coming so mrs. Vienna finally decided to walk away from the front of the Surabaya Zoo to the Palapa store. Activities undertaken by mrs Vienna called moving, mrs. Vienna experienced displacement because of her position in front of the Surabaya Zoo to the Palapa store. Thus, objects that change position from the position of one switch to another position, then the object is said to be moving. In physics, objects in motion, has a speed of, for example, the speedometer of a motor show the figure of 30 km / h, sometimes we refer to 30 km / h is the speed. In fact, the figure of 30 km / h showed the pace of the motor. However, if we say that a motorcycle drove 30 km / hour to the north, then 30 km / h in this case indicates the speed.
            Always have a track moving objects, when we car in a straight path without a turn, say we are moving straight, because the path we've been through a straight line. But in fact, an object moving in a straight may not be uniform. This can be observed in everyday life. Yuki went to the city using a car, on a straight and lonely road, the car can move quickly. But on a busy street (solid), the car is moving at a slow pace. That means the speed of the car is not fixed. However, a car can be arranged to perform a straight uniform motion. For example, on the highway the car was still moving at a pace that is 120 km / h or 2 km / min. This means the car is a distance of 2 miles per minute. That is to say if the car is moving is where the tracks are straight lines and have a fixed speed of rectilinear motion that is irregular.
            In essence, the motion of an object is affected by the track. When we change a little path, then the speed of the resulting changes. Usually to determine the uniform rectilinear motion, the tool used is the ticker timer. This tool is similar to a stopwatch, a timer is also known as the ticker tape ticker timer, which is used to measure time intervals. Ticker tape is used for physics experiments. This tool is a device that uses a long roll of ticker tape to calculate the interval. This interval is determined by the vibration of its own timer, which usually vibrates at about 50 Hz. As the timer vibrates, it makes a mark on the ticker tape, usually a series of points that can then be read as an interval of time. This timer is usually used for experimental professionals, but are common in physics class and used to teach various subjects.
            It looks complicated, but if done in a simple experiment, then the use of the ticker timer can be easily known, because the uniform rectilinear motion can investigated easily.
            Following completion of the application in a matter of physics that are commonly used in teaching in schools. Parahyangan trains depart from London at 13.15 and arrive at Gambir station at 16:10. Trajectory distance train from Bandung to Gambir 189 km. Determine the average speed of the train Parahyangan!
Completion :
Note :
t = at 13.15 - at 16:10 = 2 hours 55 minutes
s = 189 km
Asked : v ?
Answer :
t = 2 hours 55 minutes
  = (2 x 3600 s) + (55 x 60 s)
  = 7200 s + 3300 s
  = 10 500 s
s = 189 km
  = 189 x 1000 m
  = 189 000 m
v = s / t = (189000
m) / (10500 s) = 18 m / s
            Thus, the average speed trains from Bandung to Gambir Parahyangan is 18 m / s
Concepts of physics can be easily learned, as it relates to everyday life. Learning does not need hard, a lot of media that helps us to it, our lives have a strong will and desire to learn or not.

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